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Tin Lizzy
04 June 2010 @ 05:24 pm
Thank god for physical therapists - after going for my first PT appt today I'm no longer feeling all aimless and wtf.

Tria was a great place to to have my surgery - the surgeon, the staff, everything awesome. But they sucked a bit in the post-surgery "hey be prepared for x, y and z" stuff. I generally consider myself pretty damn low-maintenance and self-sufficient, and hell I've been thru ACL recon before (although 10+ yrs ago), but I felt they did a shitty job of cluing me into what I should be doing in the couple days immediately after surgery.

I found myself having no idea when and how much to ice, if I should be putting any weight at all on my knee when crutching, if I should be full on trying to flex/extend my knee at all right away, if and how/long I should expect to be nauseous from the meds (or just anesthesia), if bleeding completely through my dressing was to be expected and if/when I should change the dressing.

I was also irked to learn that they told Lisa (while I was in recovery) that I should be going in for PT 1-2 days after surgery, when they'd told me ahead of time to sched my first PT appt for the day of my follow up appt a week after surgery. Which is not a huge deal really, I was able to get an appt short notice for today - but it made me panicky that I was fucking up my first couple days and NOT doing things I should be right away. And 10 yrs is too long ago to remember what the hell I did the first time around. Not to mention it was 10 yrs ago - who knows what's changed.

Anyway - all that, in combo with the pain finally kicking fully in - yesterday was pretty ass-tastic all around. I got emo enough about it all to start crying when I couldn't get the damn Game Ready to work right away. Gods bless Lisa for patting me on the head and helping me get it working. Not to mention bless Lisa for just waiting on me hand and foot around here the past few days.

But today = made of win. PT was tough and hurt like a motherfucker - but at least I finally got the answers I needed and guidance for what I can/should be doing. That and I can now start planning pain meds around doing my PT, and just sucking it up and taking the pain meds but feeling ok knowing I'm actually working my knee hard versus just sitting around languishing.

The PT was pleased with my state of recovery so soon after surgery, good flexibility so far, but I have a lot of work to do. I get to do knee bends (sliding heel on the floor, back and forth) - or instead I can sit on our stationary bike and just go back and forth to the extent of my range of motion. I also get to keep doing quad flexors (which are fairly fucking challenging with the patella tendon getting yanked to be my knew ligament) and extending my knee for 5-10 mins at a time bridge-style (which is a little freaky given the hyper-extension thing that happens when you tear your acl.

anyway - a much better day today. I have plans and I have work to do. That makes things cope-able.