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Tin Lizzy
01 June 2010 @ 10:16 pm
I hate to be a whiny ass titty baby about being gimped up for the next few weeks post-surgery, given there are lots of folks way worse off than me. But given everything's relative to one's own personal circums, I get to be a little maudlin about the prospect of being crutch-bound and broken for a few weeks. And I'm not really maudlin, just more irked. Or inconvenienced. Or maybe irked by the inconvenience? That and panicky. I'm all freaked at what I should have gotten done that I won't be able to do now for weeks. I mean yes - Lisa will do anything I need her to, as will anyone else I ask. and it's not that I hate other ppl doing things for me (well yeah I do) - it's just I hate not being able to do stuff myself. I get fidgety.

But in good news - I biked today, and it was awesome. I haven't been able to since the acl-shred because the range of motion hadn't recovered enough to manage the pedaling. But decided to try it out today given the swelling pretty well cleared last week and it's been feeling pretty good.

That's the funny thing about straight acl tears - there's not a whole lot of pain that goes with it. You don't even really need an acl except as a stabilizer for twisty-cutty type activities (i.e. things I like to do :). I went w/out one in my left knee for 10 yrs before getting it replaced, just used a knee brace. Which of course doesn't work for harder-core stuff like derby. But pain-wise - there is no pain going without an acl, or even a whole lot when you shred it. Once the swelling/aching went down after those first few days, then it was just dealing with the limited range of motion and making sure I didn't hyper-extend it (which having no acl makes easy). So getting back to walking and hiking has been easy, no pain to overcome - just making sure to not jig my knee too much while doing it.

So biking today was rad - had enough range of motion to manage it. No pain or tweaking even from clipping in/out, just a general feel of cotton taking up space in there. Should be that I'll be able to get back to biking pretty quickly. And by quickly I mean in a month or so? Gah! I'm going to lose my mind.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious