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03 June 2010 @ 09:40 pm
alright. so as per usual, things usually end up differently than you think/remember.

Post-surgery sucks balls.

Immediately after surgery isn't so bad - you're loopy, you're tired, knee doesn't feel too bad due to shot of Dilotted (Dilauded? I don't know my narcotics) they bundle you out the door with. Post-anesthesia is a little sucky with nausea - but eventually that goes away and you're hungry and feeling pretty awesome.

Sleeping the first night was pretty ok - took a hydrocodone, slept like a rock star. Waking up was pretty chill - made Lisa go out for breakfast over in St. Paul (River City Grill over on a boat at Harriet Island - pretty rad), pain still manageable just with the Super-Advil they gave me.

But by this afternoon - things started sucking ass. I'd dissed taking anymore hydrocodone because I generally prefer pain to dopey woolly-headed lacking-ambition bleh feeling. But that philos is quickly getting pitched out the window in favor of "fuckballs this fucking aches like a mother fucker." Which I recall from the first go-round with ACL-a-palooza, but not in a way I could really prepare for. Pain isn't s/thing you really remember, or can anticipate. At least I can't - if it's not there it's impossible to conceive of in a meaningful way, and when it is there - well there it is and what you gonna do about it? Take vicodin or percocet and feel high/nauseous/stupid? Or agonize.

This Game-ready contraption is rad - it's a powered, pressurized, automated cooling system for icing and keeping pressure on your knee post-surg and well into recovery. Tria was fresh out of them to rent (apparently a rash of ACL recons last week according to the PT folks), but fortunate for me Lisa's friend Steve decided when he wrecked/fixed his ACL that buying the Game Ready (versus renting) was the way to go, so I get to borrow his.

I did start my post-surg exercises today - quad tightening (ouch), ankle circles (no prob) and leg lifts (super ouch), and officially start PT tomorrow. I predict that I will cry like I did the first go-round of acl PT. Not because it's emo sad time - it's just that what they make you do physically hurts so much your eyes leak.

But in awesome news - I have gazpacho from Red that will make me invincible. I just didn't have much appetite later today/tonight to try it yet. But tomorrow - it will be mine.
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Scott Ppurplesquirrel on June 4th, 2010 03:04 am (UTC)
My nurse friends all told me that the 2nd day after surgery would be the worst. My experience was similar to yours. I was giddy immediately post-surgery and felt decent the next day. Then I got clobbered.

I hope you have a quick and (relatively) painless recovery.